Executive Producer

Susan Priver started her early career as a ballet dancer, performing all over the country in numerous Nutcrackers, Coppelias and Balanchine ballets for the Eglevsky Ballet in New York, the Cleveland Ballet and in
Germany for the Hannover Ballet.  Wondering what the next step would be, she landed back in her hometown of Los Angeles and after a few sessions at The Actors Studio, she was convinced acting might be the thing for her.

The transition from dancer to actress was not so simple and making a living in this whole new world was a challenge as skills in the real world are pretty alien to ex-ballet dancers. To support her new endeavor she fell upon the common job of waitressing, the not so common job of art modeling and finally found a bit of a calling in teaching yoga, which she still does today.

 She spent almost all of her off hours studying and finally on stage in numerous plays winning a few awards and a few accolades for her work in Harold Pinter’s “The Lover”, Sidney Kingsley’s
“Detective Story” and David Mamet’s two character “Reunion” to name just a few.  Her indie film and T.V. work includes H.B.O.’s “Lucky Louie” with Louis C.K., “Mafioso” (playing a mob wife) with Leo Rossi and Bobby Costanzo, the festival award winning “ My Brother Jack” with Freddie Rodriguez and Marco Leonardi and a few other festival films.

Susan’s first venture with producing came with the quirky romantic comedy indie “ What’s Up, Scarlet?” which she co-wrote with director Anthony Caldarella and starred in with Sally Kirkland, Mussetta Vander and Jere Burns.

She was itching to get back to the dark side when the script of “Serving Up Richard” came her way and besides the dark tone of the character of Glory, she experienced a very dark side of the underbelly of Hollywood in producing this film.
Writer, Director

Henry’s acting career started early on the stage – a couple of highlights were playing opposite Paul Winfield in “Othello” and appearing in the lead role in a full Equity production of “Rhinoceros” at UCLA with Eugene Ionesco participating in residence.  Henry guest starred in over 30 ‘classic’ television series such as “Gunsmoke”,  “Starky and Hutch” and “Little House on the Prairie” – until he wrote and sold his first script.   His screenwriting career began with nationwide release of that feature script , “A Different Story” starring Perry King and Meg Foster.   Followed by the release of  “Tulips” with Bernadette Peters and Gabe Kaplan.   

From the mid 80’s through the 90’s, as a screenwriter-producer under contract with Universal, Warner Bros. and elsewhere.   Henry found himself in development hell, writing a stream of pilots, which often weren’t picked up for series (“Spraggue”, an ABC TV movie/pilot with James Cromwell; “Ladies on Sweet Street”, ABC, with Doris Roberts) and occasionally were picked up (“Scene of the Crime”, an NBC mystery series hosted by Orson Welles which Henry created and produced).   Henry also found himself adapting features like “All of Me” with Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin; even rewriting others like Dana Carvey’s starring film, “Opportunity Knocks”.   Henry’s last writing project was “Devil’s Food”, a Lifetime movie in which Dabney Coleman played the devil. 

“Serving Up Richard” is Henry’s directorial debut.   He is also an owner of a favorite eatery and bar in Hollywood called Birds.
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